Bond Information

There are 3 ways to make bond on charges:

  1. CASH BOND:  Cash in the amount of the total bond. This must be either a money order or cashier's check.  Cash Bonds must be made at the Chambers County Circuit Clerks Office.
  2. PROPERTY BOND:  We can approve the bond if you own property in Chambers County.  If your property is located in another county, you must go to that county Sheriff's Department to have the bond approved. Once approved, bring the bond papers to the Chambers County Jail.
    • If you are making bond for a misdemeanor or traffic charge and the amount of the bond is $5000.00 or less, you will need two property owners to sign the bond. Property value must be at least equal the amount of the bond.
    • If the charge is a felony, you will be required to have at least two property owners to sign the bond. Property value must be at least equal to the amount of the bond and have no other bonds.
    • If the property is in the name of more than one person, all people listed on the property must be present to sign the bond.
    • If the property is a commercial property, you must be able to show authorization from the company to sign the bond.
    • Misdemeanor arrests made by the City Of Lafayette, City of Valley, and City of Lanett must be bonded out at the arresting agency.  Failure To Appears can be bonded out at the Chambers County Detention Facility if a bond has been set.
  3. Bonding Company:  You may use a professional bonding company licensed to do business in Chambers County.
AAA Bail Bonds
(334) 864-9997
Allstar Bonding Company
(334) 664-2245
Bad Boyz Bail Bonding Co.
(334) 864-5800
Deep South Bonding Company
(334) 276-0997
(706) 586-8756
Trenter Bail Bonds
(334) 864-5559
Troup Bonding Company
(334) 642-3860
Ward's Bonding Company
(334) 741-5322

Bonds can be made 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Inmates can only be released upon approval of their bond(s).