Current Inmates

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Chambers County Jail - Inmates
Chambers County Jail
Current Inmates
As of: Apr. 16, 2014 2:00 PM
Booking Date:Inmate Name:
3/31/14Abercombie, Kevin Ryan
Height: 6' 1Weight: 145Sex: MRace:W
10/29/13Adams, Jonathan Michael
Height: 6' 1Weight: 175Sex: MRace:W
4/12/14Asberry, Earl
Height: 5' 8Weight: 150Sex: MRace:B
6/13/13Askew, Clarence Emmit
Height: 6' 0Weight: 160Sex: MRace:B
3/8/14Askew, Todricas
Height: 6' 1Weight: 151Sex: MRace:B
1/14/14Ballard, Jerome Junior
Height: 5' 7Weight: 135Sex: MRace:B
3/20/14Banks, Jamar Antinio
Height: 5' 3Weight: 145Sex: MRace:B
4/16/14Barile, Christopher Stephen
Height: 5' 9Weight: 145Sex: MRace:W
3/29/14Barrow, Key L
Height: 5' 6Weight: 150Sex: MRace:B
12/11/13Booker, Anthony Jabroski
Height: 6' 1Weight: 150Sex: MRace:B
3/11/14Booth, Dale Robert
Height: 5' 9Weight: 150Sex: MRace:W
3/2/14Boyd, Gregory Oneil
Height: 5' 11Weight: 200Sex: MRace:B
2/24/14Breedlove, James Warren
Height: 6' 0Weight: 185Sex: MRace:W
3/6/13Brisco, Aaron Antonio
Height: 5' 3Weight: 135Sex: MRace:B
12/4/12Briskey, Rodney
Height: 5' 11Weight: 160Sex: MRace:B
4/15/14Brooks jr, Donnie
Height: 5' 8Weight: 168Sex: MRace:B
3/26/13Broom, Mario Jerel
Height: 6' 4Weight: 178Sex: MRace:B
3/7/14Bryson, John David
Height: 5' 11Weight: 190Sex: MRace:W
3/28/14Bullard, Christopher Matthew
Height: 5' 9Weight: 240Sex: MRace:W
4/4/14Burdette, Cynthia Nan
Height: 5' 7Weight: 135Sex: FRace:W
4/9/14Buskirk, Bridget Rose
Height: 5' 11Weight: 160Sex: FRace:W
4/2/14Carwell, Brandon D
Height: 5' 7Weight: 150Sex: MRace:B
4/11/14Cervantes, Cirilo Morales
Height: 5' 8Weight: 185Sex: MRace:O
4/9/14Collier, Jamie Lee
Height: 5' 9Weight: 180Sex: MRace:W
3/18/14Davis, Asa Roberto
Height: 5' 7Weight: 140Sex: MRace:B
4/15/14Dion, Lillian Kaye
Height: 5' 5Weight: 170Sex: FRace:W
8/23/13Dowdell, Donald Gene
Height: 5' 9Weight: 165Sex: MRace:B
2/5/14Edmondson, Triston Antwon
Height: 6' 0Weight: 185Sex: MRace:B
3/9/14England, Richard Allen
Height: 6' 1Weight: 250Sex: MRace:W
7/22/13Estes, Kimberly Denise
Height: 5' 7Weight: 105Sex: FRace:W
3/27/14Favors Jr, Terrell Demetruis
Height: 6' 0Weight: 190Sex: MRace:B
3/13/14Ferrell, James Luther
Height: 6' 0Weight: 195Sex: MRace:B
3/5/14Foster, Melanie Ann
Height: 5' 2Weight: 130Sex: FRace:W
10/11/13Fredrick, Nakia Shamon
Height: 4' 6Weight: 102Sex: FRace:B
2/21/14Garner, Jesse Lamar
Height: 5' 8Weight: 165Sex: MRace:W
2/21/13Garrett, Christopher Davis
Height: 6' 0Weight: 150Sex: MRace:W
4/9/14Garrett Jr, Larry Dean
Height: 5' 11Weight: 175Sex: MRace:B
4/7/14Giddens, Jaquavious Shantez
Height: 5' 10Weight: 150Sex: MRace:B
4/11/14Gipson, Antwoine Lynn
Height: 5' 8Weight: 140Sex: MRace:B
1/13/14Grady, Calvin Leroy
Height: 5' 6Weight: 170Sex: MRace:B
4/8/14Griggs, Michael Shane
Height: 5' 8Weight: 320Sex: MRace:W
2/9/14Hadaway, Brandon Levi
Height: 6' 1Weight: 205Sex: MRace:W
2/4/14Harris, Authur Louis
Height: 5' 9Weight: 195Sex: MRace:B
9/29/13Harris, Jeriko Martez
Height: 5' 10Weight: 180Sex: MRace:B
4/3/14Heard, Shelia
Height: 5' 9Weight: 235Sex: FRace:B
4/15/14Heard, Steven Daron
Height: 5' 10Weight: 170Sex: MRace:B
2/5/14Henry, Paul Edgar
Height: 6' 3Weight: 275Sex: MRace:W
12/20/13Hicks, Eric Maurice
Height: 5' 11Weight: 180Sex: MRace:B
4/10/14Hill, Scottie
Height: 6' 2Weight: 170Sex: MRace:B
11/27/13Holmes, Joseph Micheal
Height: 5' 6Weight: 180Sex: MRace:W
12/19/13Honor, Ezra Earl
Height: 5' 10Weight: 190Sex: MRace:B
8/5/13Horton, Tyrone Jerome
Height: 5' 11Weight: 180Sex: MRace:B
3/21/14Irvin, Dustin Ray
Height: 5' 9Weight: 130Sex: MRace:W
3/8/14Jackson, Amanda Rae
Height: 5' 0Weight: 100Sex: FRace:W
1/14/14Jackson, Jerome Adonae
Height: 5' 10Weight: 145Sex: MRace:B
11/6/13Jennings, Ashley Nicole
Height: 5' 8Weight: 130Sex: FRace:W
4/5/14Johnson, Aaron Phillip
Height: 5' 8Weight: 200Sex: MRace:B
4/1/14Johnson, David Anthony
Height: 6' 0Weight: 160Sex: MRace:W
2/15/14Johnson, Jacklyn Amanda
Height: 5' 7Weight: 145Sex: FRace:W
3/21/14Johnson, Matthew Wayne
Height: 5' 5Weight: 145Sex: MRace:W
4/10/14Kemp, James Lee
Height: 6' 5Weight: 160Sex: MRace:B
8/31/13King, Dijon Devontae
Height: 5' 10Weight: 170Sex: MRace:B
11/25/10King, Leslie Lea
Height: 5' 1Weight: 143Sex: FRace:W
3/6/14Kirby, Bonnie Lea
Height: 5' 7Weight: 165Sex: FRace:W
3/13/14Kirby, Darren Lee
Height: 5' 11Weight: 145Sex: MRace:W
12/11/13Kirkland, Jason Matthew
Height: 5' 7Weight: 118Sex: MRace:W
5/30/13Lamb, Gary Sanders
Height: 5' 11Weight: 220Sex: MRace:W
11/18/13Laster, Hugh Henry
Height: 5' 10Weight: 160Sex: MRace:W
2/18/14Ledbetter, Kenneth
Height: 6' 0Weight: 150Sex: MRace:W
1/31/14Little, Joshua Bernard
Height: 6' 0Weight: 145Sex: MRace:B
4/7/14Little, Michael
Height: 5' 7Weight: 150Sex: MRace:B
3/20/14Love, Larry
Height: 5' 9Weight: 140Sex: MRace:B
3/27/14Mackey, Titus Jacquez
Height: 6' 0Weight: 165Sex: MRace:B
2/11/14Mccants, Stanley Ronerie
Height: 5' 6Weight: 132Sex: MRace:B
2/26/14Mccarley, Kristy Sue
Height: 5' 4Weight: 120Sex: FRace:W
2/15/13Mckeehan, James Buford
Height: 5' 6Weight: 150Sex: MRace:W
12/22/13Mcvay, Mac Anthony
Height: 5' 10Weight: 140Sex: MRace:W
4/7/14Miller, Kayla Nicole
Height: 5' 3Weight: 160Sex: FRace:W
4/10/14Molina, Kathryn Marie
Height: 5' 6Weight: 160Sex: FRace:W
2/25/14Moody, Jeremy N
Height: 5' 10Weight: 135Sex: MRace:B
2/27/14Murphy, Michael James
Height: 6' 1Weight: 130Sex: MRace:W
1/30/14Ortiz, Sixto
Height: 5' 2Weight: 160Sex: MRace:O
3/19/14Owens, Jestin
Height: 5' 11Weight: 310Sex: MRace:B
2/19/14Paige, Dennis
Height: 6' 2Weight: 162Sex: MRace:B
4/6/14Perez, Pinila Jose
Height: 5' 5Weight: 145Sex: MRace:O
10/13/13Prather, Darnell Lee
Height: 6' 0Weight: 170Sex: MRace:W
2/11/14Rather, Douglas L
Height: 5' 9Weight: 140Sex: MRace:W
4/11/14Ricks, Darius Quintez
Height: 5' 8Weight: 155Sex: MRace:B
12/10/13Ross, Tyrone
Height: 5' 4Weight: 160Sex: MRace:B
3/20/14Routheaux, Samantha Kay
Height: 5' 9Weight: 145Sex: FRace:W
8/20/13Rushing, Matthew Darnell
Height: 5' 10Weight: 155Sex: MRace:W
2/21/14Scott, James Dennis
Height: 6' 0Weight: 238Sex: MRace:W
4/4/14Scott, Karl Obrien
Height: 6' 0Weight: 160Sex: MRace:B
8/2/13Sharpe, Jwaun K
Height: 5' 9Weight: 180Sex: MRace:B
4/8/14Short, Dustin James
Height: 6' 1Weight: 170Sex: MRace:W
4/14/14Sigers, Charlie
Height: 6' 0Weight: 160Sex: MRace:W
3/23/14Smith, Christopher Michael
Height: 5' 10Weight: 160Sex: MRace:W
12/20/13Smith, Jamie Ray
Height: 5' 6Weight: 130Sex: MRace:W
3/28/14Smith, Katreena L
Height: 5' 9Weight: 202Sex: FRace:W
2/25/14Smith, Kristina Lynn
Height: 5' 6Weight: 150Sex: FRace:W
4/9/14Starkey, Rocky Tyler
Height: 5' 9Weight: 107Sex: MRace:W
4/10/14Starkey, Thomas Brent
Height: 5' 10Weight: 173Sex: MRace:W
4/15/14Story, Keenan Dennae
Height: 6' 0Weight: 142Sex: MRace:B
4/10/14Teague, Paul Clayton
Height: 5' 7Weight: 145Sex: MRace:W
4/12/13Thomas, Deshannon Deshawn
Height: 5' 9Weight: 140Sex: MRace:B
4/10/14Tierl, Robert Dennis
Height: 5' 11Weight: 170Sex: MRace:W
3/21/14Turner, Matthew Andrew
Height: 5' 9Weight: 170Sex: MRace:W
3/25/14Turner, Shonrica Shonta
Height: 5' 8Weight: 175Sex: MRace:B
3/3/14Valenzula, Shanna Dee
Height: 4' 11Weight: 131Sex: FRace:W
1/20/14Walker, Anthony Tyrone
Height: 5' 10Weight: 220Sex: MRace:B
10/29/13Walker, Desean Alexander
Height: 5' 8Weight: 245Sex: MRace:B
1/6/14Walker, Marquevious Treviontay
Height: 5' 5Weight: 113Sex: MRace:B
12/13/13Warren, Calvin Dekari
Height: 5' 8Weight: 203Sex: MRace:B
2/6/14Waters, Scottie Earl
Height: 5' 7Weight: 135Sex: MRace:W
4/2/14Watkins, Donna Michelle
Height: 5' 8Weight: 128Sex: FRace:W
4/16/14Weathers, Randy Lanier
Height: 6' 0Weight: 190Sex: MRace:W
4/9/14Welch, Robert A
Height: 6' 0Weight: 180Sex: MRace:W
3/16/14White, Tina Caldwell
Height: 5' 6Weight: 160Sex: FRace:W
3/25/14White, Tommy Jr
Height: 6' 2Weight: 155Sex: MRace:B
9/1/13Whitlow, Jonathan
Height: 5' 5Weight: 140Sex: MRace:B
4/14/13Whitlow, Jonathan
Height: 5' 5Weight: 140Sex: MRace:B
1/13/14Wilkerson, Jerri Diane
Height: 5' 5Weight: 150Sex: FRace:W
4/6/14Williams, Amanda Leigh
Height: 5' 3Weight: 125Sex: FRace:W
3/3/14Williams, Cartino Lataize
Height: 6' 0Weight: 182Sex: MRace:B
2/12/14Williams, Dequincy Sharolquial
Height: 6' 0Weight: 180Sex: MRace:B
4/9/14Worthy, Jamie Lee
Height: 5' 8Weight: 130Sex: MRace:W
2/21/14Yates, Christy Marie
Height: 5' 4Weight: 145Sex: FRace:W