Current Inmates

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Chambers County Jail - Inmates
Chambers County Jail
Current Inmates
As of: Dec. 8, 2016 10:00 AM
Booking Date:Inmate Name:
9/12/16Alford, Larry Antonio
Height: 5' 7Weight: 139Sex: MRace:B
12/6/16Arrington, Tammy
Height: 5' 4Weight: 125Sex: FRace:W
12/2/16Askew, Lebryant M
Height: 5' 9Weight: 150Sex: MRace:B
8/9/16Baker, Jamey Lamar
Height: 5' 9Weight: 160Sex: MRace:W
12/4/16Barfield, William Russell
Height: 6' 2Weight: 220Sex: MRace:W
11/8/16Barnes, Michael Jerome
Height: 5' 7Weight: 190Sex: MRace:B
11/29/16Bedwell, Phillip Andrew
Height: 6' 0Weight: 253Sex: MRace:W
12/2/16Boone, Jeremy Brian
Height: 5' 10Weight: 170Sex: MRace:W
11/9/16Bradshaw, Jerald Paul
Height: 5' 8Weight: 160Sex: MRace:W
3/22/16Brooks, Gregory Felix
Height: 5' 2Weight: 145Sex: MRace:B
10/19/16Brooks, Misty Nicole
Height: 5' 4Weight: 170Sex: FRace:W
6/4/16Broughton, Franklin Donald
Height: 6' 2Weight: 177Sex: MRace:B
7/6/16Brown, Antrovoski Demarqez
Height: 5' 4Weight: 150Sex: MRace:B
4/25/14Brown, Charles Antonio
Height: 5' 11Weight: 150Sex: MRace:B
10/12/16Brown, Darian K'shaun
Height: 5' 8Weight: 200Sex: MRace:B
9/20/16Bullard, Christopher Matthew
Height: 5' 9Weight: 240Sex: MRace:W
10/21/16Burley, Tra-shaniq Lashay
Height: 5' 4Weight: 120Sex: FRace:B
9/16/16Cameron, Cordamione Decornez
Height: 6' 1Weight: 180Sex: MRace:B
12/1/16Carlisle jr, Jimmy
Height: 5' 4Weight: 185Sex: MRace:B
11/24/16Cochran, Duncan E
Height: 5' 7Weight: 190Sex: MRace:B
2/4/16Cofer, William
Height: 6' 2Weight: 170Sex: MRace:B
12/2/16Cooper, Bennie III
Height: 6' 2Weight: 180Sex: MRace:B
8/12/16Davidson, Charles Conrad
Height: 5' 6Weight: 170Sex: MRace:B
10/13/16Eason, Missy Michelle
Height: 5' 7Weight: 150Sex: FRace:B
5/2/16Ferrell, Kenneth Lamar
Height: 5' 9Weight: 154Sex: MRace:B
11/21/16Finley, Brenda Louis
Height: 5' 3Weight: 155Sex: FRace:B
12/7/16Floyd, James Matthew
Height: 5' 7Weight: 168Sex: MRace:W
11/18/16Fulghum, Clint
Height: 5' 7Weight: 175Sex: MRace:W
4/19/16Gay, Micheal Tyler
Height: 6' 1Weight: 165Sex: MRace:W
12/3/16Grant, Robert William
Height: 6' 0Weight: 160Sex: MRace:W
7/14/15Gray, Stacey Demar
Height: 5' 9Weight: 213Sex: MRace:B
9/13/16Hammock, Meredith Thompson
Height: 5' 2Weight: 110Sex: FRace:W
9/21/16Hammock, Rodney Wayne
Height: 6' 2Weight: 200Sex: MRace:W
3/4/16Hancock, Amber
Height: 5' 4Weight: 154Sex: FRace:W
7/19/16Harper, Carderius Paedrkius
Height: 5' 11Weight: 146Sex: MRace:B
10/3/16Harper, Justin Antoine
Height: 6' 3Weight: 185Sex: MRace:B
11/7/16Heard, Steven Daron
Height: 5' 10Weight: 170Sex: MRace:B
12/1/16Hendley, Thomas Dylan
Height: 5' 8Weight: 135Sex: MRace:W
3/18/16Hernandez, Jorge Sandoval
Height: 5' 7Weight: 160Sex: MRace:O
7/18/16Herren, Randall Christian
Height: 6' 1Weight: 200Sex: MRace:W
11/29/16Hicks, Eric Maurice
Height: 5' 11Weight: 180Sex: MRace:B
11/6/15Hill, Daryl Grover
Height: 5' 1Weight: 120Sex: MRace:B
4/26/16Holloway, James Michael
Height: 6' 2Weight: 190Sex: MRace:B
12/4/16Holloway, Xavious
Height: 5' 10Weight: 180Sex: MRace:B
12/19/13Honor, Ezra Earl
Height: 5' 10Weight: 190Sex: MRace:B
11/23/16Horton, Tyrone Jerome
Height: 5' 11Weight: 180Sex: MRace:B
11/26/16Huddleston, Zane Michael
Height: 6' 2Weight: 190Sex: MRace:W
8/23/16Hudson, Corey Jonathon
Height: 6' 0Weight: 169Sex: MRace:W
11/18/16Hughley, Shaquille Davontae
Height: 5' 10Weight: 150Sex: MRace:B
11/29/16Hughley, Valerie Tamechila
Height: 5' 3Weight: 310Sex: FRace:B
9/7/16Huguley, Corey Jermaine
Height: 6' 1Weight: 195Sex: MRace:B
8/31/15Jackson, Deonta Antrez
Height: 5' 6Weight: 135Sex: MRace:B
8/16/16James, Jamel Lovell
Height: 6' 1Weight: 145Sex: MRace:B
11/2/16Jenkins, Ariel Brianne
Height: 5' 2Weight: 120Sex: FRace:B
11/16/16Johnson, Timothy Larmar
Height: 5' 6Weight: 145Sex: MRace:B
9/30/16Jones, Terion Kiontae
Height: 6' 2Weight: 195Sex: MRace:B
6/15/16Jozefyk, Jessica Michelle
Height: 5' 7Weight: 187Sex: FRace:W
9/26/16Keafer III, Edward Eugene
Height: 5' 7Weight: 130Sex: MRace:W
11/14/16Kelly, Eddie Jerome
Height: 5' 9Weight: 145Sex: MRace:B
11/19/16Kennebeck, Brandon Chase
Height: 5' 7Weight: 185Sex: MRace:W
10/4/16Laster, Hugh Henry
Height: 5' 10Weight: 160Sex: MRace:W
10/6/16Lockhart, Phelix Andre
Height: 5' 7Weight: 120Sex: MRace:B
4/28/16Locklear, Erin Dale
Height: 5' 4Weight: 140Sex: FRace:W
12/5/16Madden, Cynthia
Height: 5' 4Weight: 240Sex: FRace:B
12/6/16Mccants, Michael Ladarius
Height: 6' 1Weight: 160Sex: MRace:B
6/9/16Mcclure, James Thomas
Height: 5' 9Weight: 155Sex: MRace:B
4/29/15Mcclure, James Thomas
Height: 5' 9Weight: 155Sex: MRace:B
10/26/16Mcdaniel, Matthew Clate
Height: 5' 11Weight: 165Sex: MRace:W
11/29/16Montagne, Paul Reaney
Height: 5' 10Weight: 220Sex: MRace:B
4/15/16Moore, Christopher Larry
Height: 6' 3Weight: 170Sex: MRace:W
7/26/16Moore, Larry Bradford
Height: 5' 7Weight: 208Sex: MRace:W
4/5/16Moreland, Jarod Lee
Height: 5' 9Weight: 140Sex: MRace:B
11/6/16Morgan, Dervoski Christez
Height: 5' 6Weight: 130Sex: MRace:B
10/18/16Moss, Timothy
Height: 6' 0Weight: 150Sex: MRace:B
7/3/16Nelson, Cody Mallory
Height: 5' 6Weight: 145Sex: MRace:W
11/30/16Newton, Jason Randall
Height: 5' 11Weight: 163Sex: MRace:W
2/29/16Oliver, Laura Tanya
Height: 5' 4Weight: 150Sex: FRace:W
10/27/16Patterson, Johnnie Darrell
Height: 5' 8Weight: 185Sex: MRace:W
12/1/16Phillips, Eric
Height: 5' 9Weight: 440Sex: MRace:B
3/28/16Phillips, Mira Ann
Height: 5' 4Weight: 217Sex: FRace:W
11/15/16Potts, Santerio Dushawn
Height: 5' 7Weight: 155Sex: MRace:B
10/9/16Pritchard, Vincent Edwin
Height: 5' 10Weight: 240Sex: MRace:B
11/2/16Puckett, Kevin Allen
Height: 5' 6Weight: 145Sex: MRace:W
11/2/16Ray, Mary Susann
Height: 5' 9Weight: 158Sex: FRace:W
11/27/16Reed, Scotty
Height: 5' 6Weight: 126Sex: MRace:B
11/4/16Robertson, Stacey Lynn
Height: 5' 3Weight: 155Sex: FRace:W
5/2/16Roden, Scott Leon
Height: 5' 4Weight: 189Sex: MRace:W
12/1/16Ross, Vandal
Height: 5' 6Weight: 145Sex: MRace:B
5/18/16Scott, Robert Earl
Height: 5' 7Weight: 130Sex: MRace:B
12/7/16Sessums, John Robert
Height: 5' 7Weight: 150Sex: MRace:W
8/2/13Sharpe, Jwaun K
Height: 5' 9Weight: 180Sex: MRace:B
7/14/16Shelnutt, Michael Harris
Height: 6' 1Weight: 240Sex: MRace:W
11/2/16Short, Dustin James
Height: 6' 1Weight: 170Sex: MRace:W
10/30/16Short, Jessica Anne
Height: 5' 10Weight: 185Sex: FRace:W
4/14/16Sieve, Christopher Ashton
Height: 6' 2Weight: 175Sex: MRace:W
12/3/16Sims, Tracy Elizabeth
Height: 5' 11Weight: 145Sex: FRace:W
11/14/16Smith, Christopher Michael
Height: 5' 10Weight: 160Sex: MRace:W
10/28/16St George, Franciso
Height: 5' 7Weight: 135Sex: MRace:B
11/29/16Stewart, Joel Earl
Height: 6' 3Weight: 250Sex: MRace:W
8/7/16Story, Marcus Anton
Height: 6' 2Weight: 190Sex: MRace:B
11/18/16Tomlin, Jonathan Vinley
Height: 5' 6Weight: 165Sex: MRace:W
11/15/16Truitt, Joseph R'daytaquon
Height: 5' 10Weight: 120Sex: MRace:B
11/4/16Truitt, Napoleon Delay
Height: 5' 9Weight: 165Sex: MRace:B
11/5/16Wallace, Temini Cherron
Height: 6' 7Weight: 210Sex: MRace:B
8/5/16Ware, Amir Olajuwon Dassante
Height: 5' 10Weight: 150Sex: MRace:B
9/20/16Watson, William Eric
Height: 6' 1Weight: 160Sex: MRace:W
9/7/16White, Kaylee Marie
Height: 5' 7Weight: 170Sex: FRace:W
11/28/16Williams, John Edward
Height: 5' 7Weight: 230Sex: MRace:B
9/5/16Worden, Daniel James
Height: 6' 2Weight: 185Sex: MRace:W
11/1/16Wright, Cavarrio Sanchez
Height: 5' 11Weight: 145Sex: MRace:B
12/7/16Wright, William Lewis
Height: 5' 5Weight: 150Sex: MRace:B
10/6/16Yates, Jolee Anne
Height: 5' 6Weight: 145Sex: FRace:W
11/21/16Yates, Raven Nashae
Height: 5' 5Weight: 210Sex: FRace:B
8/25/16Young, Tyler Wayne
Height: 5' 9Weight: 185Sex: MRace:W