Current Inmates

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Chambers County Jail - Inmates
Chambers County Jail
Current Inmates
As of: Nov. 28, 2014 11:00 PM
Booking Date:Inmate Name:
8/21/14Abercombie, Kevin Ryan
Height: 6' 1Weight: 145Sex: MRace:W
10/5/14Abston, Caleb James
Height: 5' 10Weight: 180Sex: MRace:W
9/2/14Alexander, George Franklin
Height: 5' 11Weight: 145Sex: MRace:W
11/18/14Alford, Larry Antonio
Height: 5' 7Weight: 139Sex: MRace:B
6/23/14Ali, Rhashaud Malik
Height: 6' 4Weight: 190Sex: MRace:B
9/10/14Avery, Jerome
Height: 6' 1Weight: 189Sex: MRace:B
11/6/14Avery, Torrance Lerrell
Height: 6' 2Weight: 186Sex: MRace:B
9/28/14Banks, Kewana D
Height: 5' 9Weight: 145Sex: MRace:B
10/20/14Beck, Dylan Lee
Height: 6' 3Weight: 172Sex: MRace:W
8/22/14Benton Jr, Willie Clarence
Height: 6' 2Weight: 240Sex: MRace:B
10/31/14Born, Jenny Rebecca
Height: 4' 9Weight: 160Sex: FRace:W
11/2/14Brewer, Tiffany Deanna
Height: 5' 6Weight: 170Sex: FRace:W
9/10/14Brewer, Tony Lamar
Height: 5' 7Weight: 203Sex: MRace:B
3/6/13Briscoe, Aaron Antonio
Height: 5' 3Weight: 135Sex: MRace:B
8/26/14Brown, Antrovoski Demarqez
Height: 5' 4Weight: 150Sex: MRace:B
4/25/14Brown, Charles Antonio
Height: 5' 11Weight: 150Sex: MRace:B
11/24/14Burton, Maquirus Jamal
Height: 5' 9Weight: 165Sex: MRace:B
8/21/14Buskirk, Bridget Rose
Height: 5' 11Weight: 160Sex: FRace:W
10/31/14Cantrell III, William Homer
Height: 5' 10Weight: 210Sex: MRace:W
11/28/14Carlisle, Gregory Deforrest
Height: 6' 1Weight: 155Sex: MRace:B
10/1/14Carr, Charles Junior
Height: 5' 8Weight: 190Sex: MRace:B
11/11/14Carr, Ronald J
Height: 5' 4Weight: 175Sex: MRace:B
11/28/14Carr, Tyson Mcgee
Height: 5' 10Weight: 165Sex: MRace:B
11/27/14Carroll, James Nicholas
Height: 5' 10Weight: 185Sex: MRace:W
9/4/14Carwell, Brandon Donta
Height: 5' 7Weight: 150Sex: MRace:B
10/21/14Cherry, Delandria J
Height: 5' 3Weight: 120Sex: FRace:B
8/13/14Core, Dawann Lajames
Height: 5' 8Weight: 192Sex: MRace:B
11/8/14Cotter, John Blake
Height: 5' 10Weight: 145Sex: MRace:W
11/24/14Crump-williams, Moleka
Height: 4' 11Weight: 126Sex: FRace:B
8/19/14Darby, Leonard Lee
Height: 5' 7Weight: 165Sex: MRace:B
8/27/14Dunn, Alfred Jerome
Height: 5' 8Weight: 151Sex: MRace:B
8/27/14Dunn, Stephen Lamar
Height: 5' 7Weight: 145Sex: MRace:B
6/1/14Durham, Marcus Martez
Height: 5' 9Weight: 150Sex: MRace:B
9/30/14Elliot jr, Kenneth Wayne
Height: 6' 0Weight: 175Sex: MRace:W
10/26/14England, Richard Allen
Height: 6' 1Weight: 250Sex: MRace:W
8/26/14Ferguson, Gerald
Height: 6' 4Weight: 270Sex: MRace:B
9/10/14Floyd, Sidney Devonte
Height: 6' 0Weight: 220Sex: MRace:B
9/8/14Frazier, Frslandez Leon
Height: 6' 2Weight: 165Sex: MRace:B
8/13/14Gibson, Derrick Arvello
Height: 5' 10Weight: 170Sex: MRace:B
8/4/14Gore, Timothy Blake
Height: 6' 3Weight: 195Sex: MRace:W
9/4/14Harrington, Kareem Jabbar
Height: 6' 6Weight: 160Sex: MRace:B
9/5/14Harrington, Tony
Height: 5' 1Weight: 131Sex: MRace:B
11/5/14Harris, Anthony Brian
Height: 6' 0Weight: 160Sex: MRace:B
11/23/14Harris, Freddie Lamar
Height: 5' 9Weight: 170Sex: MRace:B
9/29/13Harris, Jeriko Martez
Height: 5' 10Weight: 180Sex: MRace:B
9/9/14Hart, Thomas Jack
Height: 5' 9Weight: 140Sex: MRace:W
11/15/14Heard, Brandon L
Height: 5' 7Weight: 160Sex: MRace:B
11/3/14Heard, Montoreous Kevonn
Height: 5' 8Weight: 200Sex: MRace:W
11/8/14Henry, Justin Adam
Height: 6' 2Weight: 192Sex: MRace:W
2/5/14Henry, Paul Edgar
Height: 6' 3Weight: 275Sex: MRace:W
11/18/14Hill, James Michael
Height: 5' 5Weight: 120Sex: MRace:W
11/26/14Hill, Trenton Ray
Height: 5' 11Weight: 170Sex: MRace:W
10/4/14Hinkle, Danny Scott
Height: 5' 7Weight: 166Sex: MRace:W
9/5/14Holloway, Don Martin
Height: 5' 4Weight: 120Sex: MRace:W
11/27/13Holmes, Joseph Micheal
Height: 5' 6Weight: 180Sex: MRace:W
12/19/13Honor, Ezra Earl
Height: 5' 10Weight: 190Sex: MRace:B
11/24/14Hooks, Vernarcy Jaquez
Height: 5' 7Weight: 150Sex: MRace:B
10/30/14Huddleston, Zane Michael
Height: 6' 2Weight: 190Sex: MRace:W
5/24/14Hudmon, Jamy Lynn
Height: 5' 6Weight: 200Sex: FRace:W
10/7/14Hunt, Brian Matthew
Height: 5' 8Weight: 129Sex: MRace:W
9/24/14Hunt, Robert Alvin
Height: 5' 11Weight: 185Sex: MRace:W
10/17/14Hunter, Marcus Jeremy
Height: 6' 2Weight: 203Sex: MRace:B
11/11/14Ivey, Ladon Lee
Height: 6' 5Weight: 165Sex: MRace:W
6/13/14Jackson, Desmond Noel
Height: 5' 11Weight: 200Sex: MRace:B
11/24/14Jelks, Shirley Denise
Height: 5' 6Weight: 174Sex: FRace:B
11/12/14Johnson, Josh Bradley
Height: 6' 0Weight: 175Sex: MRace:W
11/16/14Johnson, Lawrence Lorenzo
Height: 5' 11Weight: 180Sex: MRace:B
10/20/14Jordan, Billy Jack
Height: 5' 0Weight: 135Sex: MRace:W
8/31/13King, Dijon Devontae
Height: 5' 10Weight: 170Sex: MRace:B
11/18/13Laster, Hugh Henry
Height: 5' 10Weight: 160Sex: MRace:W
9/9/14Lauderdale, Cliff Wade
Height: 5' 10Weight: 170Sex: MRace:W
11/24/14Leverette, Quintarious
Height: 5' 9Weight: 130Sex: MRace:B
11/3/14Lopez, Sergio Morales
Height: 5' 0Weight: 164Sex: MRace:O
10/11/14Lott, Jennifer
Height: 5' 4Weight: 103Sex: FRace:W
6/12/14Love, Gabriel A
Height: 5' 5Weight: 130Sex: MRace:B
9/28/14Lovelace, Clyde
Height: 5' 11Weight: 175Sex: MRace:B
11/6/14Lowe, Chadwick Alonzo
Height: 5' 11Weight: 160Sex: MRace:B
10/31/14Lynch, Christopher Morris
Height: 5' 11Weight: 210Sex: MRace:B
11/11/14Lyons, Kimberly Elaine
Height: 5' 3Weight: 120Sex: FRace:W
8/13/14Lyons, Rayshad
Height: 5' 7Weight: 180Sex: MRace:B
11/18/14Magby, Kizzie Eunice
Height: 5' 3Weight: 130Sex: FRace:B
10/26/14Martinez, Ricardo
Height: 5' 2Weight: 150Sex: MRace:O
7/29/14Matherne, Steve Joseph
Height: 5' 11Weight: 150Sex: MRace:W
8/23/14Mccants, Stanley Ronerie
Height: 5' 6Weight: 132Sex: MRace:B
10/31/14Mccarley, Lindsey Dawn
Height: 5' 3Weight: 157Sex: FRace:W
8/27/14Mcclure, Lakelvin Drevor
Height: 6' 0Weight: 145Sex: MRace:B
9/16/14Mckeehan, Justin Aubry
Height: 5' 9Weight: 195Sex: MRace:W
11/4/14Mcmanus, Cody Dwayne
Height: 6' 3Weight: 157Sex: MRace:W
9/25/14Meadows, Taffie Delaine
Height: 5' 9Weight: 165Sex: FRace:W
10/22/14Miles, Nickolas Alan
Height: 5' 11Weight: 150Sex: MRace:W
11/4/14Moore, Donald Eugene
Height: 5' 8Weight: 178Sex: MRace:W
9/12/14Moreland, Jarod Lee
Height: 5' 9Weight: 140Sex: MRace:B
11/28/14Nix, Calvin Benjamin
Height: 5' 5Weight: 165Sex: MRace:W
11/19/14Pablo, Francisco Francisco
Height: 5' 3Weight: 100Sex: MRace:O
11/21/14Patterson, John A
Height: 6' 5Weight: 250Sex: MRace:B
7/7/14Perkins, Clarance Everet
Height: 5' 11Weight: 165Sex: MRace:W
10/19/14Reed, Scotty
Height: 5' 6Weight: 126Sex: MRace:B
11/13/14Render III, Robert
Height: 6' 2Weight: 165Sex: MRace:B
11/25/14Rice, Shannon Nichole
Height: 5' 3Weight: 115Sex: FRace:W
11/17/14Robinson, Cordarn Monyale
Height: 5' 10Weight: 230Sex: MRace:B
5/7/14Robinson, Warren Bernard
Height: 5' 8Weight: 230Sex: MRace:B
9/12/14Rose, Brandon
Height: 6' 7Weight: 257Sex: MRace:W
11/6/14Ross, Bryant Oneal
Height: 6' 3Weight: 160Sex: MRace:B
9/25/14Rudd Jr, Douglas Norman
Height: 6' 0Weight: 208Sex: MRace:W
8/20/13Rushing, Matthew Darnell
Height: 5' 10Weight: 155Sex: MRace:W
11/10/14Sanders, Krystal Dawn
Height: 5' 4Weight: 120Sex: FRace:W
10/10/14Saylor, Jeremy Ray
Height: 6' 2Weight: 160Sex: MRace:W
10/1/14Scott, Cody Dean
Height: 6' 0Weight: 200Sex: MRace:W
11/19/14Scott, Karl Obrien
Height: 6' 0Weight: 160Sex: MRace:B
6/13/14Scroggins, William Charlston
Height: 6' 0Weight: 190Sex: MRace:B
9/23/14Senn, Kevin Lee
Height: 5' 11Weight: 165Sex: MRace:W
8/2/13Sharpe, Jwaun K
Height: 5' 9Weight: 180Sex: MRace:B
11/22/14Shaw, Brett Scott
Height: 5' 5Weight: 140Sex: MRace:W
11/26/14Shealey, Kentabious Dewon
Height: 5' 7Weight: 165Sex: MRace:B
8/10/14Short, Norman Barry
Height: 5' 8Weight: 215Sex: MRace:W
4/14/14Sigers, Charlie
Height: 6' 0Weight: 160Sex: MRace:W
7/1/14Simons, Joshua Stewart
Height: 6' 2Weight: 190Sex: MRace:W
11/4/14Smith, Casey Scott
Height: 6' 2Weight: 230Sex: MRace:W
3/23/14Smith, Christopher Michael
Height: 5' 10Weight: 160Sex: MRace:W
9/25/14Smith, Lewis James
Height: 5' 8Weight: 165Sex: MRace:W
9/22/14Smith, Steven Wayne
Height: 6' 0Weight: 200Sex: MRace:W
11/6/14Smith, William Tony
Height: 5' 7Weight: 130Sex: MRace:W
4/9/14Starkey, Rocky Tyler
Height: 5' 9Weight: 107Sex: MRace:W
10/17/14Story, Marcus Anton
Height: 6' 2Weight: 190Sex: MRace:B
8/17/14Summers, Deonta Dishun
Height: 5' 7Weight: 125Sex: MRace:B
11/27/14Talbot, Seth Duane
Height: 5' 11Weight: 170Sex: MRace:W
8/21/14Templeton, Kimberly Anne
Height: 5' 3Weight: 145Sex: FRace:W
11/10/14Thigpen, Rodney Lee
Height: 5' 10Weight: 160Sex: MRace:W
7/22/14Thompson, Timothy Mitchell
Height: 5' 8Weight: 145Sex: MRace:W
11/11/14Towns, Robert L
Height: 5' 0Weight: 135Sex: MRace:B
4/30/14Walker, Carl
Height: 5' 9Weight: 150Sex: MRace:B
10/20/14Walker, Marquevious Treviontay
Height: 5' 5Weight: 113Sex: MRace:B
10/17/14Watkins, Donna Michelle
Height: 5' 8Weight: 128Sex: FRace:W
11/20/14White, Jeffery Keith
Height: 5' 5Weight: 145Sex: MRace:W
5/10/14Williams, Gregory
Height: 6' 0Weight: 165Sex: MRace:B
11/12/14Williams, Prentis Malik
Height: 6' 0Weight: 130Sex: MRace:B
11/16/14Woodson, Terrell Jr
Height: 6' 0Weight: 183Sex: MRace:B
8/27/14Woody, Megizellian Meliendo
Height: 6' 1Weight: 175Sex: MRace:B
8/29/14Wright, Kenneth
Height: 5' 8Weight: 200Sex: MRace:B
10/28/14Yates, Jenna Marie
Height: 5' 7Weight: 175Sex: FRace:W