Current Inmates

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Chambers County Jail - Inmates
Chambers County Jail
Current Inmates
As of: Oct. 26, 2016 9:00 PM
Booking Date:Inmate Name:
9/28/16Abdeltif, Aly Ben
Height: 5' 11Weight: 185Sex: MRace:W
9/12/16Alford, Larry Antonio
Height: 5' 7Weight: 139Sex: MRace:B
10/13/16Allen, Chad James
Height: 6' 0Weight: 180Sex: MRace:W
10/7/16Alsobrook, Jessica Renee
Height: 5' 3Weight: 115Sex: FRace:W
10/22/16Avery, Johnny
Height: 5' 9Weight: 170Sex: MRace:B
8/9/16Baker, Jamey Lamar
Height: 5' 9Weight: 160Sex: MRace:W
10/7/16Barnes, Ted L
Height: 6' 1Weight: 150Sex: MRace:B
12/29/15Bedwell, Phillip Andrew
Height: 6' 0Weight: 253Sex: MRace:W
10/4/16Brewer, Codie Lewis
Height: 5' 11Weight: 185Sex: MRace:W
3/22/16Brooks, Gregory Felix
Height: 5' 2Weight: 145Sex: MRace:B
8/1/16Brooks, Lindsey
Height: 5' 8Weight: 160Sex: MRace:B
10/19/16Brooks, Misty Nicole
Height: 5' 4Weight: 170Sex: FRace:W
6/4/16Broughton, Franklin Donald
Height: 6' 2Weight: 177Sex: MRace:B
7/6/16Brown, Antrovoski Demarqez
Height: 5' 4Weight: 150Sex: MRace:B
6/1/16Brown, Cameron Edward
Height: 6' 2Weight: 187Sex: MRace:B
4/25/14Brown, Charles Antonio
Height: 5' 11Weight: 150Sex: MRace:B
10/12/16Brown, Darian K'shaun
Height: 5' 8Weight: 200Sex: MRace:B
10/5/16Buckner, Shuntavious T
Height: 5' 7Weight: 200Sex: FRace:B
9/20/16Bullard, Christopher Matthew
Height: 5' 9Weight: 240Sex: MRace:W
10/21/16Burley, Tra-shaniq Lashay
Height: 5' 4Weight: 120Sex: FRace:B
9/16/16Cameron, Cordamione Decornez
Height: 6' 1Weight: 180Sex: MRace:B
8/18/15Carmichael, James Curtis
Height: 6' 0Weight: 208Sex: MRace:W
10/13/16Carter, Stacy
Height: 6' 0Weight: 165Sex: MRace:W
10/17/16Cheeks, Lcheko Montorius