Current Inmates

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Chambers County Jail - Inmates
Chambers County Jail
Current Inmates
As of: Nov. 30, 2015 10:00 AM
Booking Date:Inmate Name:
11/25/15Abner, Kenneth Penell
Height: 5' 6Weight: 165Sex: MRace:B
10/8/15Abston, Caleb James
Height: 5' 10Weight: 180Sex: MRace:W
10/14/15Alford, Christopher Joesph
Height: 6' 2Weight: 175Sex: MRace:W
11/10/15Allen, Daryle Dean
Height: 5' 9Weight: 150Sex: MRace:B
9/30/15Andrews, Eartha A
Height: 5' 4Weight: 120Sex: FRace:B
8/9/15Arrington, Alicia Dawn
Height: 5' 7Weight: 140Sex: FRace:W
3/19/15Askew, Marco Terreante
Height: 5' 7Weight: 142Sex: MRace:B
5/29/15Avery, Jerome
Height: 6' 1Weight: 189Sex: MRace:B
10/1/15Bailey, Anthony Jr
Height: 6' 4Weight: 185Sex: MRace:B
7/3/15Bailey, Renza Lorell
Height: 5' 11Weight: 198Sex: MRace:W
2/20/15Bell, David Jordan
Height: 5' 11Weight: 165Sex: MRace:B
3/10/15Bell, Mario Bernard
Height: 5' 6Weight: 175Sex: MRace:B
6/18/15Bland, Barry Douglas
Height: 5' 10Weight: 150Sex: MRace:W
11/2/15Booker, Oscar James
Height: 5' 11Weight: 170Sex: MRace:B
10/29/15Brooks, John Thomas
Height: 6' 1Weight: 162Sex: MRace:W
4/25/14Brown, Charles Antonio
Height: 5' 11Weight: 150Sex: MRace:B
10/7/15Buckhanon, Rory L
Height: 5' 6Weight: 150Sex: MRace:B
7/19/15Byram, Nickalaus Jordy Blake
Height: 6' 1Weight: 180Sex: MRace:W
11/19/15Cain, Jeromy Charles
Height: 6' 0Weight: 180Sex: MRace:W
8/18/15Carmichael, James Curtis
Height: 6' 0Weight: 208Sex: MRace:W
11/27/15Carr, Cornelius
Height: 5' 8Weight: 145Sex: MRace:B
7/12/15Cheeks, Lcheko Montorius
Height: 5' 9Weight: 160Sex: MRace:B
9/30/15Clark, Jeri Lynn
Height: 5' 5Weight: 120Sex: FRace:W
10/31/15Clark, Mary Delinda
Height: 5' 2Weight: 115Sex: FRace:W
11/8/15Cleveland, Reginald Tremayne
Height: 5' 11Weight: 165Sex: MRace:B
10/8/15Coker, Brandon Scott
Height: 5' 6Weight: 145Sex: MRace:W
11/5/15Conley, James
Height: 5' 9Weight: 140Sex: MRace:B
8/9/15Core, Santavius Quamez
Height: Weight: 175Sex: MRace:B
11/4/15Crenshaw, Kimberly Raye
Height: 5' 2Weight: 165Sex: FRace:W
11/24/15Daniel, Christie Michelle
Height: 5' 6Weight: 115Sex: FRace:W
3/12/15Davis, Corey Anton
Height: 5' 10Weight: 155Sex: MRace:B
7/3/15Davis, David Lee
Height: 5' 11Weight: 150Sex: MRace:W
10/23/15Davis, Scottie Lee
Height: 5' 11Weight: 280Sex: MRace:W
11/16/15Dejesus, Harley Daniel
Height: 6' 3Weight: 289Sex: MRace:W
10/8/15Dennis jr, Edwin Dee
Height: 5' 11Weight: 190Sex: MRace:W
11/6/15Eason, Missy Michelle
Height: 5' 7Weight: 150Sex: FRace:B
11/23/15Edge, Emery Martin Lee
Height: 5' 6Weight: 165Sex: MRace:B
11/4/15Edwards, Fredrick Lamon
Height: 6' 2Weight: 210Sex: MRace:B
10/30/15Elkins, Robert Brian
Height: 5' 2Weight: 95Sex: MRace:W
11/26/15Ellington, Charles Alexander
Height: 5' 11Weight: 180Sex: MRace:B
10/23/15Estes, Kimberly Denise
Height: 5' 7Weight: 105Sex: FRace:W
8/28/15Ferrell, Jerry Wayne
Height: 5' 7Weight: 150Sex: MRace:B
10/29/15Finley, Elvis
Height: 5' 8Weight: 175Sex: MRace:B
9/15/15Foster, Nathan Brett
Height: 5' 11Weight: 160Sex: MRace:W
10/23/15Gibson, Bryant
Height: 6' 3Weight: 245Sex: MRace:B
9/29/15Glimps, Damien Deshawn
Height: 5' 8Weight: 203Sex: MRace:B
7/14/15Gray, Stacey Demar
Height: 5' 9Weight: 213Sex: MRace:B
11/19/15Green, Mitchel Kevin
Height: 6' 2Weight: 170Sex: MRace:W
11/2/15Green, Terry Darnell
Height: 5' 10Weight: 200Sex: MRace:B
11/27/15Hammock, Rodney Wayne
Height: 6' 2Weight: 200Sex: MRace:W
11/15/15Harris, Courtney Frenshon
Height: 6' 4Weight: 250Sex: MRace:B
10/20/15Havis, Timothy Jerome
Height: 5' 9Weight: 180Sex: MRace:B
11/12/15Hay, Laura Jane-patten
Height: 5' 5Weight: 185Sex: FRace:W
9/30/15Haynes, Kenneth M
Height: 5' 11Weight: 185Sex: MRace:B
11/3/14Heard, Montoreous Kevonn
Height: 5' 8Weight: 200Sex: MRace:W
11/17/15Hendricks, Christopher Fredell
Height: 5' 8Weight: 184Sex: MRace:B
11/6/15Hill, Daryl Grover
Height: 5' 1Weight: 120Sex: MRace:B
10/15/15Hinkle, Danny Scott
Height: 5' 7Weight: 166Sex: MRace:W
10/28/15Hinson, Marshall James
Height: 6' 2Weight: 205Sex: MRace:W
12/19/13Honor, Ezra Earl
Height: 5' 10Weight: 190Sex: MRace:B
11/26/15Hutchinson, Lamichael Cajuan
Height: 5' 8Weight: 210Sex: MRace:B
11/10/15Ivey, Ladon Lee
Height: 6' 5Weight: 165Sex: MRace:W
8/31/15Jackson, Deonta Antrez
Height: 5' 6Weight: 135Sex: MRace:B
7/27/15Jackson, Jerquarvious Terriontae
Height: 5' 7Weight: 150Sex: MRace:B
10/11/15Jennings, Christy Michelle
Height: 5' 8Weight: 140Sex: FRace:W
11/10/15Johnson, Tony Michael
Height: 5' 8Weight: 200Sex: MRace:W
10/6/15Jones, Jacqueline Michelle
Height: 5' 2Weight: 130Sex: FRace:W
11/29/15Keafer III, Edward Eugene
Height: 5' 7Weight: 130Sex: MRace:W
10/14/15Kerr, Jonathan Dean
Height: 5' 6Weight: 160Sex: MRace:W
6/12/15Leverett, Quintarious
Height: 5' 9Weight: 130Sex: MRace:B
11/19/15Love, Larry
Height: 5' 9Weight: 140Sex: MRace:B
8/3/15Lovelace, Toinque Derrell
Height: 6' 0Weight: 161Sex: MRace:B
11/6/15Magby, Jamira Shane
Height: 5' 1Weight: 140Sex: FRace:B
4/9/15Maines, Raymond William
Height: 6' 1Weight: 170Sex: MRace:W
10/8/15Martin, Jessica Lynn
Height: 5' 7Weight: 140Sex: FRace:W
11/16/15Mayfield, Jamal Orlando
Height: 5' 9Weight: 225Sex: MRace:B
11/4/15Mccarley, William Wayne
Height: 6' 4Weight: 200Sex: MRace:W
4/29/15Mcclure, James Thomas
Height: 5' 9Weight: 155Sex: MRace:B
10/16/15Mccullough, Gregory Antonio
Height: 6' 0Weight: 175Sex: MRace:B
8/14/15Mcdonald, James Rodney
Height: 5' 11Weight: 185Sex: MRace:W
10/29/15Mclaughlin, Daniel
Height: 5' 11Weight: 190Sex: MRace:W
5/31/15Meadows, Carey Louis
Height: 6' 1Weight: 275Sex: MRace:B
10/24/15Moncus, Joseph Michael
Height: 5' 8Weight: 195Sex: MRace:W
11/19/15Morgan, Kordelros K
Height: 5' 10Weight: 168Sex: MRace:B
11/5/15Nobley, Terry Gregg
Height: 6' 4Weight: 170Sex: MRace:W
11/23/15Patterson, Johnnie Darrell
Height: 5' 8Weight: 185Sex: MRace:W
6/5/15Pugh, Kevin Lamar
Height: 6' 4Weight: 180Sex: MRace:W
10/21/15Ragland, Dylan Wayne
Height: 6' 1Weight: 150Sex: MRace:W
11/3/15Renfro, Phillip Thomas
Height: 5' 10Weight: 150Sex: MRace:O
11/23/15Roberts, Casey Lamar
Height: 5' 4Weight: 140Sex: MRace:W
4/14/15Robertson, Kenneth Shane
Height: 5' 9Weight: 225Sex: MRace:W
8/25/15Ross, Vandal
Height: 5' 6Weight: 145Sex: MRace:B
11/28/15Schroeder, Charles Justus
Height: 5' 10Weight: 170Sex: MRace:W
8/2/13Sharpe, Jwaun K
Height: 5' 9Weight: 180Sex: MRace:B
4/14/14Sigers, Charlie
Height: 6' 0Weight: 160Sex: MRace:W
10/29/15Sims, Samantha
Height: Weight: Sex: FRace:W
11/5/15Smith, Jamie Ray
Height: 5' 6Weight: 130Sex: MRace:W
1/27/15Smith, Katrina Lashell
Height: 5' 9Weight: 216Sex: FRace:B
9/9/15Smith, Richard Joseph
Height: 5' 11Weight: 225Sex: MRace:W
9/19/15Spence, James Edward
Height: 5' 4Weight: 155Sex: MRace:B
11/19/15Staples, Radford
Height: 5' 7Weight: 210Sex: MRace:B
4/9/14Starkey, Rocky Tyler
Height: 5' 9Weight: 107Sex: MRace:W
9/11/15Starkey, Thomas Brent
Height: 5' 10Weight: 173Sex: MRace:W
10/8/15Strickland, Willie Radford
Height: 6' 0Weight: 195Sex: MRace:W
7/16/15Strickland III, Edward Darnell
Height: 5' 10Weight: 300Sex: MRace:B
7/9/15Temm, Lori Ann-marie
Height: 5' 2Weight: 100Sex: FRace:W
11/25/15Tierl, Robert Dennis
Height: 5' 11Weight: 170Sex: MRace:W
8/9/15Tomlinson, Daniel Stephen
Height: 5' 11Weight: 165Sex: MRace:W
11/24/15Turner, Jackelyn Camille
Height: 5' 1Weight: 130Sex: FRace:W
1/15/15Ussery, Thomas Eugene
Height: 5' 8Weight: 180Sex: MRace:W
11/30/15Veasley, Brian Oneil
Height: 5' 3Weight: 150Sex: MRace:B
11/20/15Vines, Walter Maurice
Height: 6' 8Weight: 190Sex: MRace:B
4/30/14Walker, Carl
Height: 5' 9Weight: 150Sex: MRace:B
7/28/15Walker, Jessica Howard
Height: 5' 6Weight: 120Sex: FRace:W
11/26/15Wallace, James Michael
Height: 5' 10Weight: 150Sex: MRace:W
10/26/15Warner, Corey Knith
Height: 6' 1Weight: 150Sex: MRace:B
9/20/15Watkins, Donna Michelle
Height: 5' 8Weight: 128Sex: FRace:W
11/10/15Watts, Kevin R
Height: 5' 11Weight: 180Sex: MRace:B
10/19/15Whaley, Phillip Wayne
Height: 5' 11Weight: 165Sex: MRace:W
12/30/14Wheeler, David Raymond
Height: 5' 6Weight: 139Sex: MRace:W
10/2/15White, Jeremy Wayne
Height: 6' 1Weight: 190Sex: MRace:W
11/24/15Whitlow, Sonja L
Height: 5' 4Weight: 125Sex: FRace:W
11/10/15Williams, Amy Nicole
Height: 5' 4Weight: 115Sex: FRace:W
9/3/15Williams, Jeffrey Lewis
Height: 5' 7Weight: 145Sex: MRace:B
8/30/15Williams, Lance Anthony
Height: 5' 9Weight: 155Sex: MRace:W
11/30/15Williams, Micah Phillip
Height: 5' 8Weight: 145Sex: MRace:W
10/16/15Yates, Jenna Marie
Height: 5' 7Weight: 175Sex: FRace:W
10/19/15Young, William Toll
Height: 5' 8Weight: 150Sex: MRace:W