Inmate Commissary

Inmates have the option to purchase commissary, as long as they have funds in their inmate trust accounts, from Kimble's Commissary.

Inmates can select items for purchase from a menu provided to them in the form of an order sheet. The inmates are allowed to order once a week.

The commissary orders arrive in a clear plastic bag and are delivered to the inmate by Corrections Staff. The inmate receiving the commissary order is required to inspect the order to assure the order is correct and sign for the order. Once the order is signed for the inmate is responsible for the order and cannot refuse the contents or dispute the order.

Disputes with commissary orders are directed to Kimble's Commissary prior to opening the bag.

Friends and family can also order commissary packages from Kimble's Commissary by accessing the website JailATM™.  This web site features packages of commissary that can be purchased on line and then delivered to the inmate at the Chambers County Detention Facility.